The 6 Essential Roles And Responsibilities Of Security Guards

In my previous post, I talked about the security benefits of having a dog in your home. Dogs have superhuman abilities that make them uniquely qualified for ensuring the safety of lives and properties.


But this doesn’t deny the important role of security guards. Just as dogs have their innate superhuman abilities; security guards also possess innate ‘super-animal’ abilities that complement a guard dog.


In this post, I will be sharing some of the essential roles and responsibilities of security guards. Drawing from our 19 years industry experience, we’ve identified the six core functions of security guards in ensuring the protection of lives and properties. These and many more are the inherent benefits of choosing Damog Guards.


Security Guards Are NOT Peace Officers!

There’s a common misconception between security guards and peace officers. Before going into the 6 essential roles and responsibilities of security guards, let me briefly clarify this misconception.


What’s a peace officer?


Peace officers are law enforcement officers provided by the state whose duty is to enforce the law and preserve the public peace. They primarily include; Police officers and their Deputies, Constables, Marshals, and other officers.


If a law is violated, peace officers are required to pursue and apprehend the person responsible. This is not required of a security guard!


What’s a security guard?


Security guards are crime, threat and risk prevention officers assigned to protect specific people and property. This may include detecting some of the same offenses that would cause a peace officer to act, such as a fight or burglary. But it would not include other offenses such as motor vehicle traffic violations or car accident. The security guard’s concern is to protect persons and prevent damage or destruction to property.  PREVENTION is the key word.


So fundamentally, the job duties and responsibilities of a security guard are not the same as a peace officer or police officer. Instead, security guards are in the prevention business. It is their job to act as a deterrent to crime, to watch for impending danger and to report crimes they may encounter.


Their roles may seem the same from a far, but essentially their functions differ and here’s why;


  • SECURITY GUARDS are paid to only protect specific people and property.


  • POLICE (PEACE OFFICERS) are paid to protect all people and all property and enforce laws.


Besides the different scope of protection offered by security guards and peace officers, the major difference is that one enforces law while the other doesn’t. For instance, when a security guard apprehends a criminal, he has no right whatsoever to arrest the criminal. His duty is to inform the closest police station of the incidence, because it’s only them who can make the arrest.


The 6 Essential Roles And Responsibilities Of Security Guards

Not every security guard is trained to fill the following roles and perform the following responsibilities. You only get this when you hire Damog Guards!


  • A security guard’s role is to PROTECT people and property of his employer or contracted clients. So, the major responsibility of a security guard is prevention BEFORE an incident/offense occurs. The absence of incidents or offenses (crimes) is one sign that a security guard is doing a good job.


  •  Security guards should remain visible as a deterrent to criminals. Thefts, damage and injuries can be thwarted when the perpetrators see a security guard. So, a security guard should be highly visible. By being seen, the guard may discourage anyone who might be considering theft, damage, or personal injury.


  • Security guards must remain alert to watch for abnormal activity or hear any unusual sounds. A security guard’s job is PREVENTION. To do the job well, the security guard MUST: Be alert, Listen and Watch. In fact, security guards should be suspicious of any activity that may draw them away from their post. It could be a plan to draw their attention away from their duties.


Observe And Report

  • A security guard’s responsibility DURING or AFTER an incident/offense has occurred is to OBSERVE and REPORT. If an offense occurs, a guard does not charge in. Instead, the security guard should:

•             Stay calm

•             Observe and remember events

•             Report to the police/or the security guard’s supervisor (follow employer policy).




Getting Help

  • During dangerous situations, such as robbery, burglary, or assault with a deadly weapon, the security guard will need help to apprehend the suspect. This involves calling the police immediately. Even the police who are trained to apprehend criminals are encouraged to call for help in dangerous situations.


Team Player

  • Security guards sometime assume a team player role when he/she is responsible for maintaining certain miscellaneous rules and policies established by the client (company/individual). These could include:


  • Requiring employees to show their badges when entering the property; or
  • Inspecting lunch pails as employees leave the plant; or
  • Monitoring safety standards and reporting hazards; blocked exits, fire safety, slippery floors, etc.


A guard’s supervisor or the client (company/individual) will give him instructions on carrying out other miscellaneous rules and policies.



The essential roles and responsibilities of security guards are classified into six. They are;


1. Prevention


2. Visibility


3. Vigilance


4.  Observe and Report


5.  Getting Help


6.  Team Player


Thank you for your time. We are Damog Guards – protecting lives, securing Nigeria.




  1. Monday Iyip /


  2. Allwell Pepple /


    The security guard under the criminal law as do every citizen of this country, who witnesses a crime or felony being committed has the right to deter a criminal from committing a crime as well as apprehend, arrest, restrain from escape, detain culprits/suspects within safe/secure custody until the arrival of the law enforcement officer (LEO’s)

    The security guard is a security service practitioner and as such a corporate Policeman.

    He is responsible to rendering almost the same services the LEO’s do to the larger society to his corporate organisation short of Prosecution. He is equally an able partner to his corporate legal services.

    The definition/restriction of security service delivery to guarding functions alone tends to marginalise/minimise the value input to the scope of responsibilities of the practice.

    • Thank you for this great contribution. Certainly, the guard cant fold their arms and watch a criminal escape. You nailed it by saying they cant enforce the law, prosecute. But it is within the purview of their responsibilities to detain, restrain and hold down criminals till the law enforcement agencies take over.

      Really appreciate your comments. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to seeing more of you around.

      • In traditional democracies, to detain anyone is simply to deny them their liberty, a fundamental right. The detainee could go to court to claim their right on this issue, and it is very likely that the security company whose staff performed the detaining act would lose out. Stiff penalties await such offenses, especially where detention is occasioned by injury to the detainee. Play safe and avoid even body contact. Ordinarily, a citizen has a blanket right to detain a sudpect, but it should not be done in such a way that the detainee sustains injury in the process. So where could one draw the line? There is bound to be resistance in most cases, and that is where the red flag comes up. So it is generally safer to not detain any suspect. The power of observation is very important here, and that is why security guards need to be very well trained. Reportage in the DOB must be timely and accurate. Judges frown at badly reported cases by security guards, leading their clients to lose cases with subsequent huge financial costs plus a lose of his corporate reputation. Finally, the main duties of the security guard come under three basic schedules: protect the client’s property from Burglary, Fire and Flooding. Every other duty such as protecting your client’customers (contractors, visitors, etc) from injury on site, helping to make movement more convenient and safe for all within the business premises, etc) revolve around these. Thanks.

  3. Very well put. Security officers are the first responders as well. Many security officers get a bad rep here for being “flashlight cops” with no real power. It isn’t true, but all it takes is a few whom act unprofessional to ruin it for the rest. Those are six very good points. Visibility is not just being there, but how you dress, and present yourself as well. You don’t want to look like an easy target or you won’t be a very good deterrent. Uniform pressed, brass polished, clean cut, and sharp looking.
    Stephen recently posted..Upcoming unarmed classesMy Profile

    • This is a very good contribution Stephen. I really like your emphasis on Visibility not just being there, but also the way you look. So very on point!

      Thanks for the valuable addition Stephen.

  4. very educative keep up

  5. Post is very helpful. Security guards are the important people of our society as they save us from accidents.

  6. Great article. You’re absolutely right about how security guards are not peace officers! I think people under-estimate the role and duties that security guards play in society. Security Guards are professionals and in most cities, they are licensed and trained individuals providing businesses and individuals with protection and prevention measures.
    Security Guard recently posted..Brampton Security Guard Training and LicenseMy Profile

  7. Bala Lawan K/Naisa /

    You are Right, that security guards are not peace keepers but, theift,damages,fire etc.Infact, Iam also a security practitioner with morethan 15 year working exprience in a diffrent recoganised institutions.And now seking to be an Asst. CSO in a one university in 9ja.Ilove your style. After through i will make sure your invitetion.Thanks

  8. Well that’s a very fantastic article.

  9. Oakok /

    A Recepie for success for any security practitioner or those thinking of a job in the industry. Love it.

  10. In Trinidad and Tobago things are a little different. our laws provide for security officers to be given police powers and this allows them to arrest and charge persons who commit breaches of the law under certain conditions. they are referred to as Estate Constables.
    The law provides for two kinds of Estate Constables.
    1. the officer employed on an Estate who has the same power as any police officer as long as he is on his estate or in the Police Administrative Division where his Estate is situated and,
    2. the Estate Constable employed by a Protective Service Agency who has the same power as any Police officer as long as he protecting the person or property that he is employed to guard and protect

  11. Great Post, security guard must always be at alert to avoid being caught unawares.

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  13. malik yasir /

    A security guard is assigned to protect specific people and property. This may include detecting some of the same offenses that would cause a peace officer to act, such as a fight or burglary. But it would not include other offenses such as motor vehicle traffic violations or prostitution.

    For example, if you were on duty at a plant gate and you observed two teenagers having an auto race down a public road, you would not try to arrest them. You may decide to report it to the police if a telephone is nearby. But you were hired to protect the plant – not to arrest speeders.

    (In fact, you should be suspicious of any activity that may draw you away from your post. It could be a plan to draw your attention away from your duties.)

  14. Aamir Khan /

    Hi, I need information about “Role and responsibilities of Training Officer”.

  15. mark rivera /

    This information is great!!! May i request to please send me this article about the 6 Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Guards. Tnx

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  20. Nice post, the guy in the photo looks like he knows his stuff!!
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    I need to join to security guard job but i dont know how to it please help sir?
    I have Post graduate diploma in police science
    and BA degree in sociology
    MY E-mail

  22. Nice Service…a security guard is a person who is compensated to protected property, sources, or people. Security authorities are usually individually and formally applied private workers.

  23. Great Post, security officer must always be at mindful of avoid being captured sleeping.

  24. Nice Service…a protection officer is a person who is paid to secured property, resources, or people. Security regulators are usually independently and officially used private employees.

  25. Nice Service…a protection officer is a person who is paid to secured property, resources, or people. Security regulators are usually independently and officially used private employees.

  26. IKURAMUTSE Martin Hubert /

    thank you very much now i understand the responsabilities of security now

  27. thank you very much now i comprehend the responsabilities of protection now

  28. After the civil war, they all should have been shipped back.
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  29. The school is probably assuming a lawsuit at this point, and is not speaking to your friend as a matter of course. Suing both the security guards and the school will probably be the best bet.
    Torontosecuritycompany recently posted..Technical Surveillance CountermeasuresMy Profile

  30. Security guards are all too often undervalued, especially in the UK where the sentiment is sometimes mixed up with racism.

    People should understand what a vital role security guards have in today’s society.
    John Delaney recently posted..CCTV Training Practical AssessmentMy Profile

  31. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I
    get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can
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    thanks.i now understand the main functions and duties of the security guard.

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    security tips

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    notify me when new information are available

  35. Very good information sir.. I learned a lot from your tips.. and also the guards they place their lives in the risk and dangerous situation just to protect the lives and properties and prevent crimes… keep up sir.

  36. M.B.Karki /

    Security Officer Job Duties:
    • Secures premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry.
    • Obtains help by sounding alarms.
    • Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities; informing violators of policy and procedures; restraining trespassers.
    • Controls traffic by directing drivers.
    • Completes reports by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities; interviewing witnesses; obtaining signatures.
    • Maintains environment by monitoring and setting building and equipment controls.
    • Maintains organization’s stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements.
    • Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer’s instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs; evaluating new equipment and techniques.
    • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

  37. please i need some tips on security guards training


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