What Is The BEST Form Of Security?

In my last post, I talked about the reasons why security is not a luxury that should be enjoyed by a privileged few, but a necessity for all. It was a very enlightening post and in case you missed it, you should read it here; Attention: Your life is in danger and why you need security.


Today, I will be talking about another very important aspect of security –choosing the best form of security. Most times when thinking about security, many people don’t know what the best form of security is. There are several forms of security available, but there is just one form that is most effective.


This form of security is how the entire security industry was built. This is the security you can’t afford to live without.


What is the best form of security?


The best form of security ever is PREVENTION.


It is no use waiting for danger to strike before making provision for security.


It is no use waiting for crime to occur before making provision for security.


It is no use exposing your life, property and the lives of your loved ones to risk before making provisions for security.


If security is a fundamental human right, one that should be enjoyed by all, then you ought to pay more attention to it long before danger strikes.


There are two forms of security; preventive security and reactive security.


Preventive security is a form of security that focuses on ‘avoiding’ danger, threat or risk. The objective of preventive security is to reduce to the barest minimum the probability of danger, threat or risk occurring. This form of security is pre-occurrence in nature. Meaning, efforts have been made to protect all possible security leakages.


Reactive security is a form of security that focuses on ‘containing’ a security breach. This form of security is post-occurrence in nature. The objective of this form of security is crisis management. The deed has already been done and efforts are being made to salvage whatever is left of the situation.


For those who think security is an expense rather than an investment, don’t pray to experience danger, crime or risk. From experience, it has been observed that the financial, emotional and physical effect of experience danger, crime or risk is often double that of preventing it.


Security becomes an expense if you wait for danger, crime or risk to occur. This is what is known as damage control. But security is an investment if you are already prepared for and made provisions to prevent the occurrence of possible danger, crime or threat.


The need for Prevention as a form of security


Below 2 of the vital reasons why prevention is the best form of security ever;


1.       Avoiding Imminent Dangers


Danger doesn’t send out warning signals neither do crime. Because we live in a world where threat is everywhere even within the comfort of your home, prevention as a form of security becomes a must.


Since nobody knows when danger will strike, the wise plan is to plan ahead for it. Any failure to take preventive measures to avoid rather than permit danger is the best approach to staying safe. Waiting till when danger strikes will be too late to protect anything.


Imagine a nation preparing for war when the enemies have already gained entry. This is the same scenario if you wait for danger to strike before you start making plans for security.


2.       Being Security Conscious


Prevention as a form of security helps you to be more security conscious. Without the presence of physical security in place, people tend to be less security conscious.


For example, while in a public place, the sight of security guards or cameras somehow gives you a feel of safety. Just knowing that someone or something is watching over your back helps you to be more aware of your environment.


Several times at the sound of sirens, I become more aware of my surroundings. Turning here and there ensuring that there is no cause for alarm. The majority of victims who fall prey to dangers, risk and crime are those who are less conscious of their surroundings.


In other words, prevention as a form of security helps you to stay alert by bringing your attention to possible dangers. This is very important because it is difficult to fall prey to what you have been pre-warned about.


How To Use Prevention As A Form Of Security


1.       Be Informed


Being informed is the first step to using prevention as a form of security. Adequate knowledge about likely dangers, crimes and risks will help you to better avoid them. Knowing what can likely harm you will awaken your natural instinct for safety.


For example, no one will knowingly walk into crime zone or danger zone.


2.       Be Prepared


Information helps you to be aware of potential dangers, crimes and threats. That’s how far it goes. After being informed, you need to prepare by taking certain security measures.


Without adequate anti-danger, anti-crime and anti-threat preparation in your home or business premises, you are still prone to danger.


Being a security company, our business is to provide you with both the information and preparation needed to prevent danger, crime and threat. Security is incomplete if any of these two elements are missing.


To ensure you are always informed and prepared, sign up for our weekly threat alerts by email. This is the smart way to go as it is totally FREE. We will ensure the safety of your life and property by helping you stay informed and prepared.


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  1. This is a nice reminder Kemi,

    Prevention they say is better than cure in the medical line. I also find it very true in security as you pointed out here. Nothing can be done when the deed is already done, it is much safer, wiser and cost effective to prevent crime, danger or threats than waiting for them to occur and cost us more.

    For example, the on going boko haram threat sweeping across the country. If our security is tight in Nigeria, we wouldn’t be recording so much loss as has become the order of the day.

    Thank you for the work you guys are doing. May God continue to bless you!
    Tito Philips, Jnr. recently posted..Unusual Entrepreneur Interview With Mark McGuinness Of LateralAction.comMy Profile

    • Hello Tito,

      Always appreciate your comments. Evil is best prevented when informed and prepared than taking a reactive approach. This is perhaps the most valid reason for our business – helping to keep danger, crime and risk at bay. Waiting for things to go haywire as we currently are experiencing in the country will cost more to maintain security.

      Prevention is truly better than cure!

      Thank you for your valuable insights.

  2. hi
    this dhan i want to know more security rules and regulations can you explain me how to use fire extinguisher more too.

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  4. capt ud tofa rtd. /

    I realy appreciate these work presented us by your company.Once more thank you.


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